Reservation Info 

Please remind ★ Accommodation Information ★  before booking, to ensure your interests。


【 Domestic reservation 】

●「Bank name」FIRST COMMERCIAL BANK, Taipei, Taiwan ( Swift code:FCBKTWTP or FCBKTWTPXXX ) ( Bank code:007 ).

   「account number」157-68-099487 ‧ 「Account name」Chen  Tsai -er 

● Please complete the transfer after the transfer, please fax、Email:  or call the following information to keep the room.

    1) name     2) phone number    3) date    4) room    5) Transfer account 


【 foreign PayPal Secure online payment booking 】

● You can go to PayPal to register members. Please sign in to your account after registration and click "Payment Payment" to make payment.

● The Summerland PayPal account is 

● Once you have made your payment, please email us and you are paying by PayPal.

● Remind you that if you pay your deposit through PayPal , we will charge you 5% of your deposit at the time you enter the room.


【WeChat pay】

● WeChat ID:mak58528